Thursday, March 1, 2012

The person next door.

Here is the thing folks, I can handle a great many thing...passive aggressive and aggressive behavior are not them. Especially from a grown ass adult toward my kid. I will FUCK you up. PERIOD. Was I just aggressive? Hear me out and you decide....

In 2001 we built this house and moved to a neighborhood with sidewalks and schools about a block away. Little did we know the freak show that was about to ensue. On our block all of us within 5 houses of each other goes as this: ALL blue collar dad's, one military mom, 3 stay at home mom's, one full time working mother of one and a lesbian couple.

I was the youngest of the mom's which was a reason for people to bitch, I had an awesome body...and the husband's all loved me. WHY? Because I am not one of those bitchy, do it now kinda wives. I do not care if you nap, or hang with friends. Steve worked 2 jobs at that time. He was a hard worker. I cooked and cleaned and rarely complained....I was hated and did not realize it. I played with my 1 and 3 yr olds in the snow, in the rain, at the park, we went for walks and caught frogs. We had a swing set and kids liked playing's true, I was fun mom. We had such a good time.

Laura, the FTWM, lives next door. She is queen bitch. and I do mean Queen. She had single me out and for whatever reason she was going to take me down. She found her chance, when, the neighbor's across the street started having an affair. I was friend's with one lady, she with the other. My friend was having the affair with other's husband. Do I think it's right? NO. But, I had no idea what had transpired until the day I was told I was trailer trash for having a whore for a friend and nobody could believe I had taken my friend's side.

It became a war zone after that....the block was awful. I still did the same things but I became a shrunken woman because it was 5 bitchy bossy women, lesbians included, against me and friend.

Over the years she would make snide remarks about me, I would move past it...blah, blah, blah. Then when my daughter and her daughter who are the same age were going into middle school, my kid was enrolled into all of the ET or honor classes, hers, um, was not. Her comment to me on the front lawn was this "how'd ALEX get into those classes?" My reply? "because she's not slow"....GLOVES OFF. I had had ENOUGH of being bullied but most of kids were NOT going to be fucked with. (no, I do not think being in ANY kinda descriptive class makes a kid slow. I was in the slow readers class and it turns out I just suck at testing)
When Alex got her period, as kids talk, she told people...kid next door put ketchup covered pads on our front door. WTF?????? I politely peeled them off before my kid could see them and I dumped them on her doorstep.
My kid was accepted to IMSA. cracks made....I confronted her. Alex was just asked to spring formal and got a daughter by the way is a stunning beauty. I'm not just saying that. Anyway, all of a sudden, they refuse to be drivers of MY kid only in the early band carpool. JUST MY KID.
Perhaps I am the immature one, the passive aggressive one....perhaps. But I am fucking done with this bullshit. DONE. I would NEVER exclude a kid because I hate the parents. NEVER. I feel sorry for this kid and how she will grow up with such a mother. a bossy cunty bullying mother.

Thanks for letting me rant. I know I have missed more to this story about her behavior toward my kid and if it comes, I'll let you know.