Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Rant....

When I go "trolling", not necessarily to be a douche bag but no better word for it, to check out other pages, it is usually late or early morning and I am tired and get pissy.
Most times, they are decent pages, looking for numbers and some sort of pat on the back....
Not all pages are like that. We are NOT all self serving narcissistic fuckers looking to brand some shit on the stupidity of others...nor are most of us riding the coat tails of others. Some of us worked hard for our numbers and we are liked because we are fucking funny, witty and sincere.
SO....I cannot stand when I come across some fucking jack hammers page and he is a fucking tool, slippery dicked motherfucker and I read his/her posts and A. they make NO SENSE and B...MY FUCKING friends, likes on my page, folks I know, swoon like they are in heat.
How on EARTH...How can you not spot a fucking douche?!?!?

Here are some hints:

1. ALWAYS telling you how great they are and how they saved the day.
B) Make sure YOU know how humble and amazing they are.
They always have "fans" that have kids so their "kid" posts seem realistic...but what fucking 8 yr old knows and tells her dad she wants a thong and belly ring?


End Rant..........................