Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sooooo.....I'd like to begin this random idea for a blog by thanking a couple people. First off, Bonnie, You're fucking awesome.
Second, Katy, you are one CLASSY fucking act.

I wasn't sure where to begin, I'd thought about my kids, my ex, my jobless life, my family....ultimately decided to begin with random fucking idiots.

 Yes, we all know who they are, where they reside/'s a growing motherfucking epidemic to be an idiot. It's a black plague with no outwardly unusual symptoms, so it's shocking when one slams a door in your face or some jack fuck is staring at your 13yr old daughter like the next piece of beef he'd like to maul. For example, the shit brick who found it necessary to let me know today is a school day and my kid should be in school. FUCK YOU dork. Or, the bank teller who, and I almost punched the bitch, actually asked me if "it's cold out there today?" Bitch, it's fucking snowing in the WINDY city!  My personal fave on this day, so far, is my ex waking up at 11am and asking me if I shoveled yet today. (btw, I've got 3 fractured ribs from an accident in October) These folks come out at all times of day or night....unafraid, unaware and blinded by their need to be the center of all existence.

The next asswipe who acts like a fucking retard in my presence I'm gonna get all Drita on their ass and fuck a dude up.....