Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm Fat, let's talk....

Ok, here is the deal. I need to lose about 65lbs. YEP. 65lbs. It's the truth. Not so I can be a skinny bitch again either. This is just to be normal sized again.

I can go over and over how I got here because I was always on the thin side. truth be told I drank at least 2,000 calories per day. Ate at least 4,000. Being hungover all of the time doesn't allow for much exercise, either.

I did start running about 2 yrs ago. Slimmed down quite a bit. Fast forward to 3 broken ribs and my ability to not move for 2 months and EAT everything...I of course put it right back on.

I weigh more right now than I have... EVER. I have quit drinking. As of recent, I've DRAMATICALLY cut down on ALL dairy, on breads and I hate it.

I LOVE food. Pasta. Pizza. Cheese. Fried anything. Pepsi. YUMMY!

So, I've been half-heartedly "running" again...ya know, like a toddler dragging themselves behind you, you yanking their arm, them screaming and whining... I'm starting back to couch to 5 k(c25k) tomorrow with my new running partner Katie and I'm excited and grateful. And let me tell you why....Last night, I got on the floor(rolled and fell onto) to do crunches. I was fucking OUT OF BREATH...getting on the fucking floor. OUT. OF. BREATH. Then, as I lay there, I felt like my fat was literally strangling me. It had starting trying to EAT ME...That got me scared. I mean, my fucking fat is trying to murder me. After my 100 crunches in 30 minutes I decided I'd had enough of this and SOMETHING drastic MUST be done. So, here is my plan:
Katie and I(or just me if she cannot) are going to go running 4 days a week.
I'm gonna go walking the other 3 days.
I'm doing 100 crunches a day.
 I'm going to fully expect to be called out by you guys and asked if I did my shit, OK?
I'm NOT going to be murdered in my sleep by my fat.

So, Let's do this...let's battle this bulge. Next time you see me, I'll be the Biggest Loser;)


  1. You're awesome. Hilarious! I know you can do it. If I lived closer maybe I would...well, let's not get carried away. Team Sam & Katie!! I'll be your cheerleader, that's exercise, right?!

  2. Good luck, I am struggling myself and it sucks.