Monday, April 2, 2012

29 hours to go...

So, most of you know that my kids have been gone for almost a week now on Spring break. They are at Disney World. I wanted to give you a list today of what I miss about them...which has a striking resemblance to what I bitch about.

1. Waking on pins and needles to see just what will be walking out of youngest's room. Mary Poppins or Reagan.
2. My 14yr old's CONSTANT texting. 
3. All 3 of us having our cycles 1 week apart. That means, 3 weeks of PMS.
4. Dirty dishes....actually, no, I do not miss this.
5. Tripping over book bags, shoes, instruments, left right. in. front. of. stairs.
6. My water cup constantly and mysteriously being empty despite my constant filling.  
7. Eating dinner and 2 hours later having cereal.
8. How the laundry piles are filled with pj bottoms even though nobody plays in the mud while sleeping. 
9. Talking to eldest, her looking directly at me and then asking me what I just said.
10. Telling me that something is "due" TODAY, that very morning.
11. Only speaking to me when I am on the phone or watching the last 5 minutes of a 2 hour program. 
12. Leaving things on the stairs to be taken up and said stuff remaining there for a month.

Mostly, I miss the hugs, the smiles, the laughing, the joy of having these 2 lovely ladies in my everyday. 

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  1.'s funny how I'm always begging for time apart from the kids but as SOON as I get it (maybe not immediately but within a day or so) I already miss all of the things that made me beg for space. (Maybe not "all".)